Section W-6P, Western Region OA

"Scouting's National Honor Society"

Become a Part of the Council of Chiefs

The Council of Chiefs Comprise the Section Officers, Lodge Chiefs, and Conclave Vice Chiefs (CVC's)

What is a CVC?

A Conclave Vice Chief, or CVC, is a youth member of the Order of the Arrow who works with the Section to run the annual Conclave.  The CVCs are appointed by the Section Chief with approval by the Section Adviser; those youth are then members of the COC, or Council of Chiefs.


What do CVC's do?

CVCs are the ones who are responsible to make sure that the Conclave program is well run.  Each CVC will have a specific area of focus; for example shows, training, or activities.  The CVC will be responsible for recruiting staff to assist him in his job and designing and running his assigned program area.


Who do we need?

We are looking for four CVC's to assist with Conclave planning! These include the following:

Conclave Vice Chief of Promotions

Conclave Vice Chief of Training

Conclave Vice Chief of Shows

Conclave Vice Chief of Activities 

We might have more openings if needed!

Adults looking to be lead advisers should email the Section Chief (see Contact Me page)!

Interested in becoming a CVC?

If you or any youth who you know may be interested in helping out with any of the above listed jobs, just click below to apply! If you have any questions, just go to the Contact Us page, and email the Section Vice Chief, and CC the Section Chief and the Section Adviser. We are dedicated to putting together the best possible team of youth and adults to run an awesome conclave. The section would appreciate all of your support! We will send you the job descriptions upon your request.